Behind the Works, the Creator


The Love for Wood

Every creation from Toutanboa tells a story of passion and rebirth, a symbol of true career conversion. My innate love for wood materialized in 2016 with the opening of this woodworking business offering wooden decorations in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.
This project was fueled by multiple aspirations: the timeless pleasure of working with wood, the desire to offer original and customizable creations, but also the commitment to promote values such as eco-responsibility and local craftsmanship.

High-end Craftsmanship

To offer you exceptional creations, I exclusively select superior quality materials: solid wood from local forests and ecological protection oils for finishing. Oak, beech, or cedar, these are the wood species that allow me to shape your desires.

Our Vision of Craftsmanship

In the age of craftwashing, it is increasingly difficult to discern true craftsmanship. Many companies disguise the industrial aspect of their products with slogans, packaging, or concepts that have nothing artisanal but appearance.

Far from these marketing techniques, at Toutanboa, we believe in the values of authentic craftsmanship. No CNC machines, no industrial process. Nothing is automatic, and everything is handmade by the creative artisan.

Your Custom Dreams

Customization is my specialty. Upon your request, I can personalize one of the creations from my catalog to suit you. Or go even further by challenging my creativity with your boldest original projects. Contact me to discuss it together.
Custom Wall Creations
For a space that reflects your style, choose Toutanboa's custom creations. From wood selection to design, finishes, and dimensions, create a unique and personalized decoration.

Each piece is handcrafted with passion, reflecting your style and adding authenticity to your interior.
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