Custom Recycled Wood Furniture Creations

Tête de lit en bois recyclé
Explore a world of possibilities where recycled wood takes shape under the magic of custom creation. Shelves that transcend function, a chest that tells a story, a table that merges form and function, a bar that awakens ambiance, and a headboard that becomes a functional work of art.
Étagère en hêtre
Every piece I design is a meeting of wood's past and your future vision. With skill and passion, I bring to life pieces that embody the timeless elegance of recycled wood while adapting to your precise specifications.
Lit en forme de cabane en bois recyclé
Our process starts with your imagination and materializes through wood. Every detail is carefully considered to create furniture that reflects your style and needs. Your involvement is paramount, as each creation is a collaboration between your vision and our expertise.
Coffre à jouets
Feel free to approach me to discuss your desires and needs. Together, we will shape pieces that embody the beauty of recycled wood and the authenticity of your space. Each piece tells a unique story, and I'm here to bring yours to life. Contact me for a creative conversation and a personalized quote. Let's turn your ideas into furniture pieces that inspire and endure.
Custom Wall Creations
For a space that reflects your style, choose Toutanboa's custom creations. From wood selection to design, finishes, and dimensions, create a unique and personalized decoration.

Each piece is handcrafted with passion, reflecting your style and adding authenticity to your interior.
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