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The Artistic Clock

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When art and clockmaking come together

Welcome to the enchanted world of our artistic wooden clocks. Each piece is a work of art delicately cut with a scroll saw. The painted aluminum hands add a modern touch to the ensemble. Thus comes to life the perfect fusion between artistic creativity and clock precision.

Handcrafted, for you

Each clock is crafted with a scroll saw by us. The raw wood finish offers a matte and natural charm that harmoniously integrates into any interior. Whether in your living room, dining room, or even your bedroom, our clocks will find their place in your home, adding a unique touch to every corner of your space.

Appreciate the passing of time

Tranquility reigns with our silent mechanism made in Germany. You will be amazed by the smoothness of time passing, without any disturbing ticking. Each mechanism is tested by us before installation.
Our clocks are powered by an AA-LR6 battery (not included), which installs in a second. Thanks to the discreet hook at the back of the clock, hanging it will be a breeze.

Eco-responsible quality

Each clock we craft bears the mark of our dedication to French craftsmanship and environmental preservation. Choosing our clocks means opting for creations imbued with meaning.

We use solid wood from local species, such as heated beech, oak, or cedar. These woods are carefully selected, contributing to the preservation of the French forests of the Massif Central. Each clock thus created adds a natural touch to your decor while respecting the planet.

Order your clock

At the heart of our workshop, we shape your artistic wooden clock. Choose from the models in our catalog or be inspired by the magic of wood to imagine a personalized clock.
Need advice? Contact us to discuss your ideas and desires. Let's imagine together a clock that tells your story and will adapt perfectly to your style and interior. A piece that transcends the simple measurement of time to become a work of art in its own right.
The creation process takes about 1 month, but rest assured that every minute is worth it. Each clock is handcrafted in our workshop especially for you.

Explore the world of wood

Would you like to learn more about the world of wood? We offer you maintenance tips to preserve the beauty and lifespan of your wooden object. You can also discover resources on the different wood species used for our creations.
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Each piece is handcrafted with passion, reflecting your style and adding authenticity to your interior.
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