The Workshop

Welcome to Toutanboa Workshop, where the magic of wood comes to life. Nestled in the heart of Auvergne, in the center of France, our workshop houses authentic craftsmanship. Skill and creativity merge to create high-end wall decoration objects, unique in their kind.

We reveal our secrets of creative artisans and the creation process through which these works come to life.
The Art of Transforming Wood

The Art of Transforming Wood

From raw wood to object, we shape your desires with passion. Nature offers us an exceptional raw material, and our know-how sublimates this noble material with unmatched charm.

Les essences de bois locales – une riche palette de couleurs à découvrir.

Local wood species – a rich palette of colors to discover. The Massif Central is full of forests of extraordinary diversity. Oak, cherry, ash, maple, not to mention fruit trees, each type of tree has its identity and specificities. This exceptional material offers us a wide range of colors, veins, and densities, like an invitation to limitless creation.

Le bois échauffé - une célébration de l'audace naturelle.

Heated wood - a celebration of natural boldness. Imagine trunks that have spent months alongside the earth, where mushrooms have danced on the surface to create warmth, like drawings on wood. What some might consider a flaw, we see as an opportunity to create unique pieces. Pieces of unparalleled authenticity, shaped by the artisan and nature itself.

Recycled Palette - giving wood a second life.

Every year, thousands of pallets are thrown away. At Toutanboa, we believe in transformation and preservation, which is why we recover these pallets and transform them into rustic and warm works of art. Every groove, every hole, tells a story.
The Art of Transforming Wood

A Handmade Process

Since the opening of our artisan business in 2016, we have always aimed for excellence. Each creation is the result of our expertise, honed over years of experience.

From design to finishing, all manufacturing steps are done by hand with the utmost care in our workshop in Auvergne. It's a pride to offer you high-end French craftsmanship, a guarantee of exceptional quality.

The Scroll Saw

An extraordinary precision tool, the scroll saw transforms simple pieces of wood into works of art.

With skill and craftsmanship, the hands of the creative artisan make the wood dance on the scroll saw, to shape unique objects. Along the wood, creations come to life, highlighting the colors, textures, and natural patterns of this material. A true lace is meticulously cut into the wood, revealing all the splendor of the essence used.
Recycled Palette - giving wood a second life.

Expertise at Your Service

What makes our workshop truly special is our unwavering commitment to helping you find the creation that suits you. Each piece we create is made to order and can be fully customized to reflect your unique style. Our goal is to collaborate with you to create decorative objects that tell your story and fit perfectly into your space.
Here, wood becomes art, and your imagination comes to life in our hands. Explore our collections and be inspired by the natural beauty and unparalleled authenticity of our high-end craftsmanship.
Custom Wall Creations
For a space that reflects your style, choose Toutanboa's custom creations. From wood selection to design, finishes, and dimensions, create a unique and personalized decoration.

Each piece is handcrafted with passion, reflecting your style and adding authenticity to your interior.
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