in nature.

Wooden Mandalas

On demand starting from €232
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Handcrafted with passion

Our Mandalas are finely hand-cut with a scroll saw. Their unique design, inspired by nature, will fascinate you with the precision of the curves. Let yourself be carried away by each detail of these creations.

Authentic and natural materials

Each Mandala is handcrafted with solid wood from local forests. The raw wood finish offers a matte and warm effect, highlighting the texture and beauty of the material. You can also opt for a finish with ecological protective oil adding a satin effect to the mandala.

A Mandala for every space

Give yourself the freedom to dress your walls with an exceptional object. Wherever you decide to hang it, your Mandala will add an artistic and unique touch to any room. To fit your desires, various dimensions are possible, from 30 to 70 cm in diameter or even more if you opt for custom-made.

Easy installation

Thanks to its hanging system carefully carved into the wood, the Mandala can be easily hung on the wall. We pay particular attention to the manufacture of this fixing element to ensure the perfect balance of your wall decoration.

Protecting nature

We are proud to offer you a product made in an eco-responsible manner. Our solid wood comes from local species such as heated beech, oak, and cedar, from the forests of the Massif Central. Choosing one of our Mandalas means supporting French and local craftsmanship, but also making an environmentally friendly choice.

Order your Mandala

By exploring our collection of Wooden Mandalas starting from €232, you will discover the piece that suits you. Our artisanal made-to-order method ensures you of a unique and superior quality creation.
This artwork can be customized to express your inspiration and desires: modification of pattern, addition of detail, text, or even creation from your own drawing.

Are you considering creating a Mandala? Contact us for a personalized quote. The manufacturing time is approximately 1 month, during which we specially create the piece of your choice for you. Please note that lead times may vary depending on order volume, to always guarantee the same level of quality.

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Each piece is handcrafted with passion, reflecting your style and adding authenticity to your interior.
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